MG – The Velvet Tones 2.5 Instrumentals (Kanye West Edition)

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Instrumentals, Kanye West, MG

1.Wake Up Mr. Velvet Tones (Wake Up Mr. West)
3.Wildflower (Drive Slow)
4.Ooo Darlin (Down & Out)
6.Just Peachy (The Bounce)
7.Rubbing Alcohol (Heartless)
8.Ha Ya (Guerrilla Monsoon Rap)
9.Front Street
10.Ground Up (Lets Get Married Remix)
11.Nooooo (Got Nowhere)
12.Skeemin (Joanne)
13.In Time Mate (Another Summer)
14.Pocket Fulla Zen
15.Prelude To Static (More Or Less)
16.Too Distant (Spaceship)
17.Let The Beat Build II (Let The Beat Build)
18.The Kid Charles Mane (Champion)
19.High For This Remix

Mirror Creator / Sharebeast / Zippyshare

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