Serious Beats – 808’s & Sarcasm (Instrumentals)

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Instrumentals, Serious Beats

1.The Friendship Prod.By @SeriousBeats
2.Amazing-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
3.Before You Fuck Her-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
4.Best Friends Become Strangers-Prod.By @187TheProducer @SeriousBeats
5.Can’t Shake The Past (Overtime Celeberity)-Prod By @SeriousBeats
6.Done-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
7.Get through to you-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
8.Can’t Be Without Her-Prod.By @SeriousBeats @187TheProducer
9.LiesCereal-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
10.Gone-Prod By @SeriousBeats
11.Hace Tiempo Te Espero-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
12.Hurt you-Prod.By @SeriousBeats @Custom60625
13.I Give Up-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
14.I Really Do This Shit (Prod. By @RobbieAnthem)
15.Nothing-Prod.By @Custom60625 @SeriousBeats
16.Don’t Fall In Love-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
17.Purple Dream (Prod. By @RobbieAnthem)
18.R.E.D.(Remember Everyone Deceives)Flags-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
19.Devotion,Adventure,Sarcasm-Prod By @SeriousBeats
20.Say What You Mean,Mean What You Say-Prod.By @SeriousBeats @RobbieAnthem
21.Contagious-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
22.Serious-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
23.She’s a Groupie-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
24.Take Your Word For It-Prod.By @SeriousBeats
25.The Break Up-Produced By Serious
26.The Ride-Prod.By @RobbieAnthem & @SeriousBeats
27.True Lies-Prod.By @SeriousBeats & @Custom60625
28.Undying Love Part 2-Prod.By @SeriousBeats

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