Erk Tha Jerk – Thirds Eye View

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Erk Tha Jerk

01 Erk Tha Jerk – Thirds Eye View (Intro) (Prod. By The Invasion)
02 Erk Tha Jerk – Riding High (Prod. By Erk Tha Jerk)
03 Erk Tha Jerk – Hands On It (Prod. By Traxamillion)
04 Erk Tha Jerk – Protocol (Feat. D.Bledsoe) (Prod. By Matcy P)
05 Erk Tha Jerk – Always (Prod. By Champagne Clique)
06 Erk Tha Jerk – Glow In The Dark (Prod. By Erk Tha Jerk)
07 Erk Tha Jerk – Sunday Morning (Prod. By Erk Tha Jerk)
08 Erk Tha Jerk – Fuck Hard (Prod. By Matcy P)
09 Erk Tha Jerk – Shake It Like A Dog (Feat. London) (Prod. By Shonuff)
10 Erk Tha Jerk – Carpool (Prod. By Justinkase)
11 Erk Tha Jerk – $500 Belt (Feat. Y.B.) (Prod. By Jay Ant)
12 Erk Tha Jerk – S.N.L. (Feat. D.Bledsoe) (Prod. By The Invasion)
13 Erk Tha Jerk – Wedding Ring (Feat. D.Bledsoe) (Prod. By Erk Tha Jerk)
14 Erk Tha Jerk – Long Time Ago (Feat. Dions Lane & D.Bledsoe) (Prod. By Matcy P)
15 Erk Tha Jerk – Too Far (Prod. By Matcy P)

Hulkshare / Zippyshare

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