Serius Jones – Serius Bizness 2

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Serius Jones

1.Serius Jones – Serius Bizness (Intro)
2.Serius Jones – Dope Moves
3.Serius Jones – Bad Man
4.Serius Jones – Re-Up
5.Serius Jones – Too Serius (Feat. T-Pain)
6.Serius Jones – Wisha Woods
7.Serius Jones – Until Forever
8.Serius Jones – What Goes Around
9.Serius Jones – Rising (Feat. Tax G)
10.Serius Jones – Choose Up (Feat. Sam Scarfo, 2 Chainz)
11.Serius Jones – She Know
12.Serius Jones – She A G
13.Serius Jones – Bounce (Feat. Bobby V)
14.Serius Jones – Millionaire Problems
15.Serius Jones – The Monster
16.Serius Jones – Just The Game (Feat. Frankie Wainwright)
17.Serius Jones – You Wrong
18.Serius Jones – Kush Planes
19.Serius Jones – Get Away
20.Serius Jones – Stairway To Heaven (Feat. Daria Jones)
21.Serius Jones – Talking Walls
22.Serius Jones – Flexin (Feat. Gucci Mane)

Megaupload / Wupload

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